Monday, December 05, 2016

4 months missing from my baby blog

Been so long didn't update my blog, I didn't neglect this little baby blog, just that I have over 10 draft post that didn't make it to publish standard. Well since August till December. 4 months and I am at my career junction.

By the way, I will be going to Da Nang and HCM end Dec and I will be alone in the hotel and hope I can complete my books and update my old blog post.

Just went to plan for year 2017 sales target. Congrats to Julian as being the 1 million dollar agency. And a great growth from 30 plus to 70 plus strength within 1 year. That's some great achievement by all the leaders and FC. We raise from a small humble agency to the top 10 in the whole GE. I hope that I can be doing better to contribute to the success of the team. Very sad, I have not make it to this year achiever or convention. Meaning sales are not great, I can sad poor by my standard. But I am not giving up, slowly.

We, no I mean I love to chill after work for a cup of beer. Cold beer!! Siong

Went to the new place recommended by Marcus. Newly open and quite happening by that standard.

Bonus clip for 金巴黎。

See this picture from Kiss, I don't know what to say, the poster had not been changed since 4 years ago. All the people I knew them so long ago.

Monday, August 22, 2016

My last last time idol is Andy lau and he is so handsome. I still remember all the show where he smoke. Now he seldom smoke in his movie already. Today I revisited his 旺角卡门. One of the classic between him and 张曼玉. The scene where he first time kiss her inside the telephone booth, OMG. Somemore she is his cousin. But hell who cares.

Reason I watch this show is also that last time I didn't remember watching and the theme song of this movie is 忘了你忘了我。Kind of suit me but hey of course I know I don't look like Andy lau lah.

Actually now a lot of people younger generation didn't know about Andy lau and thought he is like an old actor but didn't know about his legend and perseverance. He really had an humble start and work step by step to what he is today and he still maintain his high standard.

So watching this movie finish I sang the MV theme song and came out of my own MV.

Not yours you can't keep. Your you cannot throw away. Haha. Lame

Sunday, August 14, 2016

We had not been contacting for a week. But not only are women 6th sense the most accurate. I think mine is relatively accurate most of the time. I believe you went back to him. If you are asking if its worth it, I guess I had always say, follow your heart, if your heart want it then go for it.

Relationship needs to be managed by 2 person, if you are willing to compromise a lot of things can work out. All the best.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The last of us 2

The start with a movie so let end with a movie. This last movie event was a success. Ethan offered free ticket to ghost buster. Its a qua-couple date if you havent realised. Well, underground date are not suppose to work i guess. But i was very appreciative you could make it to my social friend gathering albeit only one and only time. 

This one year was great. I couldn't have ask for more. You are one geniune person who care and concern about me. We had the lot of fun together. 

We were at bugis and you taught me the 2 minutes script on prispecting. You see me thru my peak of my career and to my falling of an empire. The transition is hard but i would need to face it by myself. In this world, who could i trust other than myself to help myself. I am atheist, and while people draw faith from religion, i draw faith from myself a lot. As an introvert people, my energy would only be draw from within and not from anyone else.   

My heart had been closed for a long time. And now it had been opened again and i really take everything you had taugh me to becoming a better person and apply it into my future. 

Partly from my religious view, my horoscope also contributed to my personality. Libra believes in fair and mutual welfare. 

In case u didnt know. U start a blog and i had been following all the time. From the blog i know what is ur sub conscious mind is thinking. Who really do play the important part in ur heart. I know its not me and it will sadly never will be. 

This time gonna hurt but pain is a catalyst for me. It will motivate me. There is a saying call no pain no gain. 

Also miss xiao huang. He played a major part in our relationship. So many memories happened in the car. Miss its power. 

We also went thru 3 car transition. Haha. I will still keep Vezel as my dream car moving forward. I am confident in myself, check me out here once in a while. You sure get my update and see my metamorphosis to a beautiful butterfly although i m just a worm right now. Lol

Time is a double edged sword. We love and hate it. Time can heal people and also time will fade memories. Thats why this blog is here for a very very long time. Keeping u close to me in my heart as long as possible. I love my blog, its will keep memories and never judge.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Joining Greast Eastern as financial advisor

Lets start a little bit on this although I m still not offical. The process of getting my license took forever, and I had been waiting for 6 weeks since my application had been put up to MAS. Well in case you havent know, I had switch career from Citibank to Great Eastern. A long reason why I didnt join AIA and Finexis. Well that should be on another post if I have the chance. 

During these period of time I just went for some social events. Like the mid year convention. And that put my mind at least as I was paranoid about why there are so many senior and elderly agent from GE. After the convention I was convince that there are still great youngster around. 

There my team for sure. Although not the biggest agency out there but still a whole of great hearted individual who geniunely care about people like me. Well, if you think insurance first year is on very steep learning curve, you are most definitely correct. It will base heavily on the culture, support, mentality and leadership of the group that you join in. 

My agency are on an alliance and that help boost the manpower to around 150. And beside sales figure, I endorse highly on the training and public speaking class like toast master. The sooner you overcome public speaking the better and more prepared for taking up any bigger roles. 

My IO birthday, Ms ang. Very positive and supportive IO. Help me with everything when I need help with. 

I also want to thanks Peilin for being my advisor as she is more experience than me so she will help me and teach me scripts, correct my mistake and recommend me the correct product to recommend to my prospect. I appreciate your effort and kind intention. You were my happy pills :)

We also have lots of recruitment drive to help us on recruitment. Praxis game is like propaganda. It will be baises when you play it during GE recruitment drive, but the game was well designed to bring across some financial perspective on how you going to manage your money. Its highly recommended for you to play it once at least. 

Other than recruitment drive, the team also engage heavily on recreational events for team building, bonding and social responsibility. We had dragon boat, chill out sessions and community service work. I kind of like the diversification of the event that this platform provides. Well, since I cannot start might as well go know some people around. 

I signed up for chris chan program at $2,500. Well I hope it will be a great investment over a stupid expenses. I need to really squeeze every bits of knowledge to make my money worth spending. 

To the world, I am here to prove to you, if you put ur mind to it. You can be successful at everywhere you do. If you think I cannot make it. Lets revisit me 2 years later on this same blog. 

Saturday, August 06, 2016

NDP 2016 preview

It is not a happy post. I was never happy for national day since I was young, i had never attended any national day parade and never watch it on TV as well. All i know about national day is just fireworks nothing else. People told me that i should have attended it in primary 5 which I had no recollection on it at all. 

I did participant it once during army while I was the driver on lightstrike. It is those follow thru motion kind of thing. All i have to do is just follow instruction and waiting for be fed pizza and KFC. 

Well. It was a many first time for me. Including going NDP (preview) for the first time. First time wearing my Yankees baseball jesery I brought in Korea. First FB post that I tagged you. Many first time for me. 

It truely amazing what I had went thru with you. First time so serious about it. And for once doing it right. But doing it "right" may not be good enough for you. I watch a monk's talk today and think its better i let things be. It is what it is. 

Now i embark on a new chapter of my life and wish Singapore an early 51th birthday. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Eat and eat

After quitting citibank, most of my time is to accompany my lover, peilin. Of course all we like to do is to eat and eat. Got chance to bring her to the expensive alexandra coffee shop. A dinner for 2 cost $80. And yes, with this price range you get to eat it at a comfort of the coffee shop! The whole place is full of restaruant standard of food. I mean price point.  

Ironically, its singapore 51 birthday and we got a 51 queue number. 

Recently, i like to go china restaruant with friends. I like to order china ala carte. Now i am so into china cusine. 

See. I also took mum to eat 东北菜.

Went to hang out at bugis for food again. Ice cream waffle is nice!

Went to the famous vietnamese restaruant at joo chiat. We like to hang out at joo chiat got a lot of unique shop and things to do at joo chiat. There are also china restaruant, club 36 and its bear to bedok and kallang wave. All our favorite place. 

Recently peilin is sick and she have to go visit doctor at polyclinic. Poor thing, have to spend so much time queueing. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Is finnciti a scam? a layman perspective

Recently, thru a friend introduced me a platform finnciti (previously known as smicap) where you can multiple your investment in folds. The return as per quoted is up to 100% just by holding your investment on hand. I was skeptical and interested at the same time so I went online to do a little research on my own. It is not difficult to return result by just searching:

"Is finnciti a scam" or "Is smicap a scam". Reviews were in mixed bag. Some mention that they earned big bucks and its a platform for normal people to get richer while some other point out some resemblance of a scam structure and therefore classified finnciti as a scam platform.

I am a layman using basic logic to analyst the concept and by no mean I am advising to invest or against it. But in my humble opinion, ALL INVESTMENT POSSESSES RISK AND PLEASE BE PRUDENT WHEN DOING ANY KINDS INVESTMENT AND ONLY INVEST IN YOUR MONEY THAT YOU CAN BEAR LOSING.

SMICAP was established in 2007 by Singaporean Simon Ng(黄彦清) and subsequently renamed to finnciti in 2012, at point of writing the company is 9 years old. I do not want to touch base on the history of the company as there are website like out there providing better information.

In China, Fuzhou, at least. He is under investigation.

How does it work?

The game had limited number of robot, you can view its as "token". Basically anythings that are limited with more demand will make the token price to increase in value. When new sign up comes in, value up and existing player get to profit from the price increase of the robots that they initially had. The game is designed in a new that the price of the robot can only increase but do not decrease.

How can a system increase in value infinitely? 

This is how its works, assuming that the robot is 30cents each. You holds 10 unit of robots so the total value you have is $3. Imagine the price goes up to 60cents each robot the designer of the game do a splitting of robot. So instead of 60cent of 10 robots, you now instead have 20 robots of 30cents. (simple illustration) In a way to help balance out the supply and demand. Noted that although now the robots increase in quality, but the value is adjusted to be the same.

If everyone earns money, how the money comes from?

analogy: like if you buy a house for 50k, and the demand is appreciated to 100k. The new buyer buy the house for 100k. You gained 50k profit but the buyer loses 100k from the pocket. (money had to be come in somewhere). So before the new buyer can profit form the house he brought he needs to speculate and wait for newer buyer to buy the house from him.

Just that instead of buy/sell house, you are buy/sell virtue token/robot/unit or whatsoever they want to call that. Its a paper value of something virtue and non existence. Just like forex you are buying the surface value of something without actually owing anything except the contract.

Is it a ponzi scheme or a scam?

Ponzi scheme is often the concept of taking new comers joining fee and pays it to the existing overwriter. But because of the high amount of guaranteed returns, the scheme is fail at some point of time. So no, I don't consider finnciti as a ponzi scheme.

A system that is sustainable compared to ponzi scheme is that all the level of particant need to profit from the platform. Finnciti tried to take it slow and make sure everyone is profitable so like MLM, the designer, pioneer batch and the veteran existing user will no doubt gain from the system. But one thing is the money cannot be reproduced for thin air hence the money will have to be coming out from the new comer. The leverage and damage will transferred to the newer hirer and so on and so fore. So in another words, in my humble opinion as long as there are new comer or recruit, the existing players are still capable of gaining from the system.

To I support the concept?

I do like the way it was designed so that the poorer group of people do benefit and I actually thinks that they can earn money thru the platform. However I really advise only to play with money that you can bear losing.

In the nutshell, finnciti contain certain elements of MLM and its do not consider a scam unless the company resolve and folds. Its open to public srutinity so if you are confident that the market will be confident. Ultimately it will only be as strong as the faith of the people willing to believe in it.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

dream of PEILIN and nightmare

This is the first time in my dream, I got scare out of a nightmare and shiver and cry over the dream content. It was so real and I actually felt scare for the first time.

Dreams are hard to remember. So I called PL and told me the moment I woke up and ask her to help me remember the details of the dream.

The dream starts off as a normal dream which random events happening and its the randomize of those event makes it seem so real. Its not a story board of logic flow. But part of the dream just came together.

Me and PL were in a hotel room at Bangkok

PL was on the phone with her ex boyfriend

PL wanna have sex, I want to urine

I saw monk selling charm

event space with white paper point form

the aunt and the retarted kid

the kid got the curse from 2 years ago, i saw PL curse. And it will pass on

Friday, June 03, 2016

11 century hotel staycation

11 century hotel is not bad a place to stay in consider the price. The lobby and walkway were a but run down but at the the rooms are nice. Regular room starting from $169 riggit onward at Johor, near KSL. It was first introduced to me by qing he. 

I need to go in to do my Kelisa. KSL is near to all the service and accessories workshop. Hotel was just opposite KSL and holiday plaza for electronic stuff shopping. And there are multiple of massage salon all over the place to keep u occupied for the night. If you are driving, Taman sentosa and taman garden is just stone throw away. 

For the short staycation, we had our seafood dinner at taman garden. Check in after mid night at 11 century and watch 我们相爱吧 together. 

The next day went to KSL and holiday plaza for shopping. 

Went over to doi chaang coffee outlet nearby to have a coffee fix. We initially thot that this coffee is from vietnam but actually its not. The speciality in house ice coffee was nice. 

Things was turning out better for me. I guess all the perservence was well worth my effort. The future holding bright ahead for us. I need to faster get back a proper career to start planning plans. Everything will get better.