Sunday, June 04, 2017

The only way to find out is to try out : Phuket + Phi Phi Island

Less than 24 hours of notice I was inform by my friend that the next day they will be flying to Phuket. I made an instant business decision to make a flight booking to go. And I had made it an one way ticket albeit the air ticket was much more expensive.

For 3 reason I made this trip on one way travel. First is the spontaneous and doing what comes up on my mind, isn't this what we had been imagining doing when we are very young and was always put on hold? Second, my career is in a mess now and I had been spending time at home to watch drama to so I ask why not just do the watching oversea and I might kick the habit of watching drama. Third, I want to know why backpacker and lone traveler can spend so long 3 months and up oversea? How do they pack, lives, earn and survive? The only way to find out is to try out. Wah. This quote I coined.
"The only way to find out is to try out" - Gary Ng

For these 3 days I have my friend accompany me, thereafter i will be on my own, there are a lot of place I wish to visit. So these 3 days we will be covering Phuket, Phi Phi Island and Krabi beach.

Phuket beach

Phuket is just like Pattaya only that I guess there are a lot more beach and sea sport activities at Phuket. At night, there are also red light district that we can drink and get high.

Only redlight district on Phuket
 First day we pick up our 2 thai friend at airport and went to play at the beach nearest to our hotel. At the beach I tried the boat-sailing and I had recorded the experience on the handphone. At night we went to red light district and settle inside a bar to play. The cashier actually just play games with us for lady drinks but end up they lose so many round to us and end up treating us tequila instead.

happen to also celebrate sunny's birthday
Day 2 we went out to Phi Phi Island. The beach is so beautiful and the sands are so pure white and furthermore the water is so clear that you can even see through to the bed of the sea and all the fish that are swimming inside. However because we had op in to speed boat instead of the ferry due to the time constraint and the draw back is the boat is extremely pumpy and the sway is so bad making me very sea sick. I vomit and felt really dizzy in the end I can't even enjoy the scenery I can't even take picture I had to sit down somewhere and rest. The speed boat experience is the only let down for the whole of the trip.

Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Island evening
 This thailand trip is not about going to redlight and see agogo. but more about beach and sea sport. We had tried boat sailing and snorkeling. Picture cannot do Phi Phi Island the justice so a video speak a thousand words.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tribute to "Monday Couple" on Running Man

Running man had been a favour variety show in Korean for almost 7 years but I only start watching them when their program had been cancelled. It was just a very random opportunity that make me watch running man and not because their news on cancellation.

Running man was first aired on July 2010 and I only happen to watch them in April 2017. And like most of the fan out there I was so 100% behind the famous Monday Couple. Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo but they stories was not all cherry merry.

Below I shared a short 13 minutes on how these couple love developed in the first few episodes where Gary was the aggressor and express his love to Ji Hyo relentlessly till half way 100+ episodes where their on screen relationship was brought to a halt where Ji Hyo dated her company CEO in her real life. Things became awkward between them on running man.

Of course Ji Hyo and her CEO relationship was not long last and they soon become close again. "I lives in Kang Gary" - Song Ji Hyo and they are always for each other on certain Mondays. And you can see that Gary was really all out to take care of Ji Hyo in all the small little things, so sweet.

However, through all the 300+ episodes Ji Hyo had been on a pulling and pushing and on some occasion she betrayed Gary be it because of game choice, tearing of name tag and even choose some other male celebrity on other occasion. Some thing on the show Gary show his fatigue and jealousy towards Ji Hyo in the nearing 300 episodes. 

Ultimately, 300+ episodes onwards the Monday Couples appearance on the show is very little and you can see that their loveline is obliviously becoming less of the emphasis. Then the breaking point of the show start where Gary suddenly quit the show and the reason was to focus on his music career and his time can not commit to running man.

No one in running man can convince Gary to stay and they realise the best way to encourage their 7 years of friendship is to let Gary do whatever he felt was the right thing to do. Part of me felt that Gary's decision to quit got something to do with Ji Hyo. I understand the burden of celebrities too, sometime they can't do things that are with conflict of interest to their career. Gary on the other hand I think he isn't care much because he had already been successful in his music career.

But even when Gary quit his show on running man, the producer still make some mission that involve going to Gary personal studio and I think this had been a hinder for Gary to concentrate and forget his tie with the rest of the members. When Ji Hyo visit him in his studio Gary still wants to be with Ji Hyo and ask if she is interested in being Monday Couple all over again but of course Ji Hyo rejected his proposal and I think it really hurt his feeling and the song from Gary - The girl who can't break up, the boy who can't leave was sang by them again in the studio.

Subsequently, Kang Gary went missing oversea and broke off with his duet partner Leessang and announced that he suddenly got married with a non celebrity lady and the lady was not know to any of his good friend and even his company didn't know of this lady existence. I highly doubt there is this "wife" exist. He wants to cut his tie with all the 7 years of pain and not be remember of all these 7 year with Ji Hyo (this is my personal opinion). He even changed his number and he is currently oversea and no one from running man is able to reach him.

After this happened the running man went into a crisis of low viewership after suddenly the show got cut becuase Ji hyo and Sparta didn't got renew on season 2 running man. My take for Gary suddenly disappear and can't be reached is because he really love Ji Hyo and wants to have a proper relationship with her, but her respond was always not clear. Being close to him but always didn't really serious about it. Gary must be tired and decided that he can't carry on like this, he would want to put his music career as priority again. But being in Korean the producer will keep coming over or to invite him back to the show as guest again and again. This make him unable to concentrate on this music and he also have a hard time forgetting Ji Hyo. He went oversea and hide and even announce a fake marriage and subsequently changed his number and become unreachable. This is my personal opinion of course and everything is speculated by me.

Nonetheless I still support the couple and I support Gary hope he can have a nice life in front of him. Now everything will become the past and the Monday Couple will never come back again I know. This is some of the songs that are always played on running for all the fans that like running man, Monday couple and Kang Gary.

This was the beginning where Gary compose the lyric for Ji Hyo - Leessang Blues

The girl who can't break up, the boy who can't leave - Leessang, it implys that Gary is always the one who can't leave and Ji Hyo will never break up with him

Rememberance - Leessang, the first part there is "Gally Gally", is that Ji Hyo voice?

Turn off the TV - Leessang

You are the answer to a guy like me - Leessang

No matter how I think about it - Sweet Sorrow, this is Asia Prince Lee Kwang Soo theme song on running man, btw he is also my favour person over the monday couple

In running man my top favour is Lee Kwang Soo, he is ranked above the Monday Couple, cause he is a great entertainer and also a very gentleman and hardworking person. Although he is always projected as the giraffe and he is always timid and stupid in the show. But he happen to capture the asian fan by storm :) Continue support running man!!

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Ah Ma passed away

From the very first day when we are born, our destiny is one less day towards death. The clock ticks seconds by seconds and nothing can be done about it. Bruce Lee once said that "If you love life, don't waster time, for time is what life is made up of".

Recently, one news shocked me. My grandma passed away, and I was really close with them when I was smaller. Ah Gong had pass on since 2004, I remember blogging about it when I was in the army. Changes had changed and people and attachment had changed. Had a different feeling about life and death now compare to 13 years ago. In-between these 13 years I felt Ah Ma had suffered a lot. I still remember when I was at Ah Gong wake, Ah Ma was already wheelchair bound from stroke condition. But then she was still conscious albeit she had loss the abilities to speech. She weeping as she falls from the wheelchair and crawled towards Ah Gong coffin was then a heart wrecking scene till now I couldn't forget. She knew she had lost someone she love and had spent a whole life with. Its so hard for us to see that.

Imagine that event had happened 13 years ago. She was already wheelchair bound from stroke, lower half body was paralyzed and had already lost her ability of speech. She passed on in year 2017. Imagine what kind of life have you need to go through for these 13 years with all these suffering? Can't move and can't take care of yourself, constant need someone to attend to all your needs of feeding, changing and toileting. She can't express her angry, dismay, saddest, and any emotion cause you are already mute from lossing the ability to express from speech. Can you last through so many years of being misunderstood and the inability to express? How are you going to maintain your sane?

Due to my parent marriage status and my dad irresponsibility I had not been paying them visit since 6 years ago not even on New Year. Time passed and Ah Ma had also lost her conscious. She can't recognize people not even kinship. I remember when I visited her in 10 years ago when my parent are still together, although she is bed riden but she still happy to see me, she will hold my hand beside the bed and squeeze my fingers. Although she can't speak I know how much she had missed me over all my other cousin. The kind of passion that I can't put across in words. The moment i felt the whole world had stop and the time was only between me and her. The reason why I was so doted when I was small is because I am the first 男丁 to the family. My father was second boy in the family, but my father born me before the elder brother's give birth to 大孙. In ranking I am second but I was first born into the family as the first grandchild. Also my father was so irresponsible compared to his brother so I was ditched with my grandparent when I was young, only I stayed with my grandparent hence I had the closest kinship with them over my other cousin.

Why I didn't turn up for New Year had to be account back to how my useless father and of course because of my inability to earn and I had took a long way to start earning a descent income. I was so old and I was still single. All my relative had to give me red packet and my parent need not give them back as most of my cousin was married. I am embrassed to even go collect red packet during new year. And my father was always away during new year there are even one year I went alone to Pai Nian and I had to pack my own red packet for my cousin to conceal the fact that my parent was not around to give them red packet. Since then I did not turn up for New Year celebration at their house. 

Birthday celebration in 2007
New Year in year 2008
 As such, I had not been seeing my grandmother for at least 6 years. I went on to become busy with life, and met all my desire, I grew more and more practical and heartless. I didn't even remember who my grandparent was anymore. Life changes people and I was completely a douchbag. Last Dec (5 month before my grandma passing). A very sudden though made me visited my grandma during off peak date, not on New Year to avoid my relatives. The thought was so sudden and random I something wonder why had I make the decision to go see her. And that was the last time I see my grandma. When she see me she cannot recognize me anymore. She didn't hold my finger like she did last time.

Random visit in year 2016
I sometime wonder what force had make me went to visit her in 2016 last year. At least that was the last time she see me. I wonder is it God's define plan. He gave me the chance and allows me to make good our relationship. And he brings me to her, her favorite grandson in front of her death bed before she leaves the world for good. Nonetheless I was very fortunate and grateful that I went to pay her a last visit.

In life nothing last forever. Passion dies, money bring you more desire. Loves is the only thing transcent time. The love that she had gave me unconditionally reminds in my heart. This is the legacy and how you can leave behind a trace of life in this world. I recently said that I was 爱无能, and that I had no purpose in life. I think by not giving love you can't receive love and hence the vacuum of purpose in life. I hope I can trust people and give out more love around me. I want to leave something behind. 

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Success Formula in Life

Finally after watching so many show drama and variety show, today I learnt a very interesting words. Pygmalion effect. I wanted this word so much because it can be use to describe me but I didn't know the words to describe it.

A lot of people ask me why I can be successful in some area and absolutely suck at some other area? How do I say it.

Some of the area that I sucked in includes:
Secondary school study where my AGG score is 45.
Army Regular life as a very oblivious soldier that don't know what is going on around me.
Sembcorp as a soul-less assistance Engineer
Self employ in mobile shop, not motivated to excel.
In GE, where I lost all purpose in life.

Some area that I excel in includes:
Primary school where my PSLE is 213 (Express) when I didn't even study anything at all.
Private O at age 23 where I pass 5 O level with AGG 15 in 9 months.
Diploma study with 3.96 cert with merit and chance to local U
Citibank with 2 years of outstanding performance.

till today I am still very proud of the blue in Citi
Sembcorp Scholarship in Diploma study
Now, these few days I had been pounding hard. Since I had so much potential in life, I knew I have, I don't like people very act humble and I just like to be honest with everyone including myself. I do have a lot of potential to take off to really great height. But why wasn't I at the top?

I have the answer and I am going to share with you all.

Pygmalion effect
I perform through Pygmalion effect, it an effect that you can performance extremely well under other people's expectation. In another words, the more expectation people have on me, the better I can performance. I first notice I had these abilities / effects when I was taking my private O. I obtained my special abilities "tunnel vision".

Tunnel vision was develop during age 23, when I was studying in Queensfield private school at Middle road. Tunnel vision allows me to be super focus and driven with one goal in the end, all my muscle memory and very cell move towards archiving only one goal, no noise no distraction no nothing. I had slept thru my secondary school hence I can score 45 on 5 subject. My account paper during school name is 1/100. Because I only know how to draw the T diagram and the title I remember "Balance sheet as at 31 dec 19XX". Very paper I took I got 1/100 because I did the T diagram. This is how bad. My combine science is shit cause I didn't listen in class don't even mention about Periodic table. The only atom I know is H20. I know I am technically wrong cause H20 is not an atom but a compound. I write I as though I was that bad. With tunnel vision I scored B3 for account, A2 combine science and A1 mathematic in 9 months. When people need 2 to 3 years of study to achieve that. I don't know about you but I was impressed my myself. Of course, the people that unleash my potential was Peter, my tutor in that school.

In Ngee Ann, same. I want to mention Mr Teo Ee Huat, he is the one inspired me to take up the course CEE and I want to credit to my first exam with him that I scored over 90 which make me realise that I can make it in poly. So the Pygmalion Effect snowballed. I reached the top and have no intention of coming down.

In my life, I also quickly realise that I do not need motivation to fuel my success. Because ultimately, motivation is a passive emotion. You can wake up one day motivated and the next day you are not. So if motivation isn't the recipe what is? Actually, a more suitable word should be routine.  Like you getting used to report work at 9am for so long you actually feel comfortable waking up to reach office at 9am. Being late makes you feel uncomfortable because your routine are already formed. But for somebody to form that routine, there will be a inertia call "pain period". Its usually difficult to roll a stationary object but once the force needed is overcome, with the momentum you can roll the ball easily. So actually you do not need so much discipline to overcome the pain period. You just need that enough discipline to last you thru the pain period and the desire (not motivation) to help you.  In Citibank, thanks to Hansel my boss whom triggered my desire and he forced me and see me growth out of the pain period to stay enough discipline to form a routine. With that I used this formula to achieve great height in this job.

Some people have desire in money, power, fame or woman. Which I don't have desire in. So money is not a motivation factor for me. This make me have a downturn in my GE insurance career. Non existence of pygmalion effect cause no one is expecting anything from me. No tunnel vision or desire to obtain anything. I am now experience a phenomenon of emptiness inside me. 随波逐流. No emotion is flowing inside me. I can't feel shame, rejection or hatred. Even lost of money and kinship is not making a large reaction with me. I realise now I lacked the most important element in by formula.

And that is purpose. Life purpose and the calling that make me understand the reason of me waking up everyday. I am so lost with no purpose at all. No purpose to earn a living, no purpose to mix with people and no purpose to talk to anyone. If I still can't find my purpose in life, I will not be going to be here for very long. So reader, if you happens to read till here. Let me share with you my ultimate formula for success, hope you can take away something for here.

Purpose > Desire > Routine > Pygmalion effect > Tunnel vision (focus) > SUCCESS!!!

These formula work like a charm of me. I went thru it and I will endorse this is a real formula I used in my past to get great height.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

五元夫婦 吳閔碩❤強藝元


Min Suk ♥ Ye Won OhYe Couple is one of the most anticipated couple. A lot of the fan expected them to become a real couple after the show.

We are married is one of the most cruel reality show. They make 2 person committed to married life spend so many months together, develop kinship and after the program end, they just cut the relationship like that. As if nothing had ever happened.  

But partly also have to consider they celebrity background. It not easy to declare that you are in a relationship bla bla bla. Hence so many couple had not openly acknowledge their relationship. I felt that this couple also.

I believe that the girl really gave her heart and all to the husband. She really wants the relationship to happen after the program as she had hinted many time in the show. She was also the one that initialled most of the "skinship" and Kisses and all.

This is the celebration of their 100 days and the husband giving her a surprise. Being a very strong character, the wife seldom cry. She is a great actor so she can also hide her feeling well, but end up both also tears up.

The last day of the program and their had to do the last interview. It so sad to see that the wife really sad to end the relationship. She promise not to cry but she can't hold her tears back. 9 months of married life and they were such a family who showed real care.

She cry till her eye so red. Hope she and him can go on the Hawaii trip together. 

閃光夫婦 - 黄光熙 & 韩善花

閃光夫婦 is another couple that I love in We are married. This couple is so full of nonsense and fun. Really cannot judge a book by its cover. The man is so childish and look stupid stupid but in fact, his true emotion was shown in the filming where he make a lot of attempt to touch his wife.

The wife on the other hand also surprise me. She was so funny and genuine. Being one of the girl band Secret. You may also judge her by her looks. So pretty, but she is very crazy and she can cook very very well. A very skilled chef.

This is one of the funniest series in We are married. I highly recommend it. Same goes, chinese subtitled link

Friday, April 14, 2017

我們結婚了 養眼夫婦 郭時暘❤金素妍

We are married, a variety show from Korean, which feature 2 idol either as singer or actor and put them into a few months long period of married life. They will go through ceremony and move in together in a new home and spend a few months together. Once in a while they will need to complete so task together.

One of the couple I really like is her. She was my idol when she was filming All about Eve some twenty years ago I think. The every first 2 drama from Korean I watched. Before them there wasn't even any K pop. That time was the transition between J and K pop.

She is already 37. But look at her...

Her virtual husband is 30 years old and was 7 years younger than her. But that didn't spoilt the whole romantic relationship at all.

Her husband was so romantic that the surprise birthday present was voted the sweetest on the whole series. Although people know that to some extend that the story was staged but no one can stop the women from being touch to tear with so much heart and soul put into the surprise birthday. You have to watch to understand what I mean, I cried so many time through the series. I think they are really falling for each others.

A very short clip on how the man prepare for her a total of 11 surprise and gift through the day on her birthday. Its so cruel, being so much surprise and love how can anyone forget him. How can she find a husband in the future. Cause no one can give her so much surprise anymore. Good job, if I can be as sweet as him.

If anyone is interested to watch the series. I provided the link here. Don't worry full chinese sub titled so you will not miss out a single moment.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

After so long..

After doorknock at vietnam restrauant.

Whao. That's so long i haven blog. Reason is that iPhone app for blogger is not working. And now i have the habit for blogging on the go without using computer to do blogging. Now I have to use android phone to do blogging. Now I got a android phone after so long. This is the s7 edge. I think I have not been using android for 4 years and above.

This week I am having reservist again for my 3 time. I was being left out or forgotten for 10 years and now they suddenly just call me back.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Kelisa facelift to Daihatsu Gino vs Austin mini

Kelisa vs Gino vs Mini that's all different model but are they comparable? First we need to differential what's what.

Austin mini is by (Austin and Morris) a british company later succeeded by BMW. Gino on the other hand is by Japan company Daihatsu and lastly Kelisa is by Malaysia company. Why Kelisa is under the comparison is because there is a 1:1 facelift to the Daihatsu Gino.

Austin Mini

Thursday, March 02, 2017

The psychology of persuasion - Robert B Cialdini Book Review

S Benjamin recommended one book by Robert B Caildini and said that a lots of local politician are using this as an entry material to make people listen, comply and persuade people to do things their way. Be it if you use in ethically as a social calling or as a tool to manipulate, choice it up to you. But a lot of salesman had benefited from the simple 6 rules of persuading people to buy and it was highly recommended to read. So the condense 6 points of influence are as such:

6 Principles of Influence