Saturday, April 15, 2017

五元夫婦 吳閔碩❤強藝元


Min Suk ♥ Ye Won OhYe Couple is one of the most anticipated couple. A lot of the fan expected them to become a real couple after the show.

We are married is one of the most cruel reality show. They make 2 person committed to married life spend so many months together, develop kinship and after the program end, they just cut the relationship like that. As if nothing had ever happened.  

But partly also have to consider they celebrity background. It not easy to declare that you are in a relationship bla bla bla. Hence so many couple had not openly acknowledge their relationship. I felt that this couple also.

I believe that the girl really gave her heart and all to the husband. She really wants the relationship to happen after the program as she had hinted many time in the show. She was also the one that initialled most of the "skinship" and Kisses and all.

This is the celebration of their 100 days and the husband giving her a surprise. Being a very strong character, the wife seldom cry. She is a great actor so she can also hide her feeling well, but end up both also tears up.

The last day of the program and their had to do the last interview. It so sad to see that the wife really sad to end the relationship. She promise not to cry but she can't hold her tears back. 9 months of married life and they were such a family who showed real care.

She cry till her eye so red. Hope she and him can go on the Hawaii trip together. 

閃光夫婦 - 黄光熙 & 韩善花

閃光夫婦 is another couple that I love in We are married. This couple is so full of nonsense and fun. Really cannot judge a book by its cover. The man is so childish and look stupid stupid but in fact, his true emotion was shown in the filming where he make a lot of attempt to touch his wife.

The wife on the other hand also surprise me. She was so funny and genuine. Being one of the girl band Secret. You may also judge her by her looks. So pretty, but she is very crazy and she can cook very very well. A very skilled chef.

This is one of the funniest series in We are married. I highly recommend it. Same goes, chinese subtitled link

Friday, April 14, 2017

我們結婚了 養眼夫婦 郭時暘❤金素妍

We are married, a variety show from Korean, which feature 2 idol either as singer or actor and put them into a few months long period of married life. They will go through ceremony and move in together in a new home and spend a few months together. Once in a while they will need to complete so task together.

One of the couple I really like is her. She was my idol when she was filming All about Eve some twenty years ago I think. The every first 2 drama from Korean I watched. Before them there wasn't even any K pop. That time was the transition between J and K pop.

She is already 37. But look at her...

Her virtual husband is 30 years old and was 7 years younger than her. But that didn't spoilt the whole romantic relationship at all.

Her husband was so romantic that the surprise birthday present was voted the sweetest on the whole series. Although people know that to some extend that the story was staged but no one can stop the women from being touch to tear with so much heart and soul put into the surprise birthday. You have to watch to understand what I mean, I cried so many time through the series. I think they are really falling for each others.

A very short clip on how the man prepare for her a total of 11 surprise and gift through the day on her birthday. Its so cruel, being so much surprise and love how can anyone forget him. How can she find a husband in the future. Cause no one can give her so much surprise anymore. Good job, if I can be as sweet as him.

If anyone is interested to watch the series. I provided the link here. Don't worry full chinese sub titled so you will not miss out a single moment.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

After so long..

After doorknock at vietnam restrauant.

Whao. That's so long i haven blog. Reason is that iPhone app for blogger is not working. And now i have the habit for blogging on the go without using computer to do blogging. Now I have to use android phone to do blogging. Now I got a android phone after so long. This is the s7 edge. I think I have not been using android for 4 years and above.

This week I am having reservist again for my 3 time. I was being left out or forgotten for 10 years and now they suddenly just call me back.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Kelisa facelift to Daihatsu Gino vs Austin mini

Kelisa vs Gino vs Mini that's all different model but are they comparable? First we need to differential what's what.

Austin mini is by (Austin and Morris) a british company later succeeded by BMW. Gino on the other hand is by Japan company Daihatsu and lastly Kelisa is by Malaysia company. Why Kelisa is under the comparison is because there is a 1:1 facelift to the Daihatsu Gino.

Austin Mini

Thursday, March 02, 2017

The psychology of persuasion - Robert B Cialdini Book Review

S Benjamin recommended one book by Robert B Caildini and said that a lots of local politician are using this as an entry material to make people listen, comply and persuade people to do things their way. Be it if you use in ethically as a social calling or as a tool to manipulate, choice it up to you. But a lot of salesman had benefited from the simple 6 rules of persuading people to buy and it was highly recommended to read. So the condense 6 points of influence are as such:

6 Principles of Influence

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pinnacle notes series 9 & 10 poster misleding

They say that when they want to show you to hell, they will feed you with sweet so that you will be tempted. And when they want to show you to heaven, they will give you pain so that you can build your resistant. This is somewhat a Chinese direct translation.

Now lets take a look at this advertorial poster from the infamous pinnacle notes saga. What is the mood of the picture? How do you feel about it? Does this picture gives you a very positive feeling about it? The boy looks very cuddly and with the toy bear and toy bull in this arm... Wait! Doesn't it resemble something? Right. Isn't he trying to imply that he is both happy when the market is having a bullish or bearish market? If you like me have the good feeling about this poster, in that time we would both became the victim of the fallen investment. 

This is as bad as a misrepresented poster can go. Take a look at the fine print below at point number 2 it say that the notes are not principle guaranteed. This might be the reason why we are studying M5 and M9 and almost a lot of our client nowadays question us about how much is the principle guaranteed. We cannot fault them for being too careful after this event.

Just attended the CHFC course and study on some basic knowledge on financial planning. The true financial planning and not those you find standing at roadshow selling the endowment products.

One case study points to the pinnacle notes series 9 & 10, which make a lot of investor whom invested in the Morgan Stanley to lose almost all their investment values. Only after many years of legal fighting that the investor now can recover up to 28% of the defaulted notes.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Am I that ugly?

Today at Yishun shop, we were chatting with the renovation contractor on some random topic. About JB, KL, drugs, girls and all the ah beng's talk. It was so bored me to death and I haven't sleep for the whole night.

Suddenly he mentioned that in JB where those doing illegal business earn so much money. Even "people as ugly as me" can find a hot girl. Now wait....

In a grp of me jiayi and himself an uncle, he need to quote that even people as ugly as me gets a GF. I have no problem that anyone is getting a GF, I am even fine that ugly people get a GF, but he use quote like "people as ugly as me", that I have a problem. Big problem. Why?!?!? Now i became the benchmark of ugly????

Being self awareness, I know that I may not pass of as handsome but am I to the point of being ugly. Don't worry it didn't hurt my feeling, partly because I am strong, I don't care what other people thinks of me and I really don't mind being not handsome. But I love myself and I love my face and appearance. That is not one thing that I like to change about myself. And I seriously don't think I am ugly, even if you all might think I am. Because I trust my judgement. Not because a lot of people think I am ugly then I am ugly. I always have a strong opinion and I tend to stand by my perspective. People know me know I am rooted on my faith and belief.

By the way, I love how my face looks and I don't mind the scar and marks or holes per said to my face. It the flaw that install great resistance and strong mentality to sarcasm. I makes me strong and focus on inter growth rather than external growth. No many people can withstand the demeaning comment, some people might even be sducidal.

Ironically few days ago, I only brought one poster on Marilyn Monroe
Like Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford have their mole (imperfection) at the "right" place where that's the feature they are known off. If the imperfect mole wasn't there, they might not be as popular. So all ourselves inclusive of flaws and uniqueness craft us to be where we are standing right now. Successful or not, one side. At least we are healthy or we are at least alive to be reading this. We should contented.

I owe my face. I reconcile it. The the beauty of imperfection makes perfection. Like 断臂维纳斯 venus de milo whom is famous for its imperfection. May you fully finds content from within yourself may you free yourself of all misery. I am always grateful and contented hence I am always a happy person :) The only person that can bring you down is yourself if you allow them to.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Its not easy to be in causal relationship

I hate to have to know a person, get close and then due to some reason have to leave, filter, block them. Now finding out they block me because of me being a douchebag its not a good feeling. 

I am a kind person and i do love the people around me. I don't want to hurt anyone or disappoint anyone whom love me. But why relationship are now becoming so complicated? 

Person whom i love don't love me. People whom i don't love, love me. Its not like i am a player or womenizer? People see me this way because i usually do not try to conceal my true self. I need companion and you have to understand. Being single i have no one to answer to. So don't judge me. I can be very devoted in a relationship. I want to. But i am being single most of the time. People whom i stay devoted don't give me a fuck. 

You need to be quite strong and at the same time heartless to be in a causual relationship. Believe me. When being ditched and ditching people I get sad both ways. It hurts to hurt people whom like you. 

Tyty - thanks for taking care of me. 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Kelisa to gino conversion at Skudai

Finally got chance to take xiao bai go JB skudai to do the gino body kit. Xiao bai the backside got knocked. Was contemplating for so long if i would want to change the gino body kit. Because due to the change of headlight which is against police law in singapore. I put back a few time. Last night went with WF and XX to KSL to stay over. Remember a lot PL memories. 

Sit at coffee shop for so many hour waiting for them to installation. The kit front and back cost $1300 riggit. + chrome handle ($150) + chrome mirror ($150) + gino original steerling wheel ($100) + installtion ($100). At the end got it all at $1500 riggit. 

The shop is 66 Autoparts
No 36 Jalan Palas 5 Taman Teratai Skudai JB. 15km away from woodlands causeway. They sell a lot of kei car from Japan scrap yard. For gino convention your best bet is to try this shop. 

See my roof rack on the top of my car. I was being laugh by so many people. Making fun of my rack say i wanna put luggage on top is it. Today it show its true power. First, at Skudai so many people enquiry about my rack and ask me where i buy la. How much la. And am i will to sell. Even the shop pwner also ask plea me to sell it to him. He is so desperate of this limited out of stock rack from Japan that he is willing to exchange $1500 riggit which isnall my cost of the whole day with just the rack itself. I didnt take the bait. 

Seondly. We went Taman sentosa so many time like 3 times. Even the wanton mee waiter whistle at me seeing my roof rack regonisating me. Lol. It must have been so standing out. 

Well. Its late so i didnt have time to take a full body shot properly. Just a simple one where i parked my vehicle inside carpark. 

Lastly i put some nice other ppl gino for u to see.